We are going to be at Corinium Data & Analytics Metro London in-person!

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Datactics CEO Stuart Harvey, Head of Business Development UK Julian Wavell, and Head of Sales Kieran Seaward will be attending Corinium Data and Analytics Metro in London this Thursday, 7th September. 

With new roller banners ready to go and booklets just off the printer, we are ready to meet up in person once again!  

Before the event kicks off on Thursday, we thought we would sit down and chat with Julian about the long-awaited return to in-person events, how in-person networking helps to drive conversations, and why Datactics decided to become involved with this event for the first time.  

Hi Julian, what are you most looking forward to about the normality of in-person events? 

The ability to meet someone in person and have a conversation is a completely different experience from talking to someone online. This is something that in my opinion we should strive to get back to. It is great that both event management companies and ultimately customers are making those steps forward to bring us back into a new normal. Corinium have told us they’re expecting anything from 80-100 attendees to this event and we really welcome that level of commitment from our clients, partners and other vendors alike. After such a prolonged period of virtual engagements, I think there is going to be momentum around physical events as people will appreciate them now more than ever before. 

Why did Datactics decide to become involved with this event? 

It’s one of the first, if not the first data and analytics event of its type to take place in-person, so we jumped at the chance to take part. We are extremely excited to be meeting customers in person, to learn more about their challenges around Data and in turn share stories from some of our projects in the Data Quality space. Only when we speak to customers can we gauge how our product can improve and develop to fully meet ever-changing customer needs and demands. We are also hoping to also gain awareness on what the key pain points are for our customers and what the key topics of conversations are within the space. Furthermore, there is a great opportunity to build commercial awareness of our product offering. 

How does in-person networking help to drive conversations? 

Trust and integrity are important to building relationships for customers and vendors which experience has shown is best achieved through conversations face to face. We also fully appreciate the opportunities to develop synergies with other organisations and seek out new partnerships.  

We are looking forward to sharing our new fresh collateral which will convey how leveraging Datactics will empower business users to rapidly measure, match, report, and fix data assets, delivering true continuous data quality. Feel free to visit our stand and talk data with us. You can also download the material here
We can’t wait to be back talking data again! 

Thanks Julian! Julian joined the Datactics team 4 months ago to help build on strong growth for Datactics in the London financial services sector. You can reach out to him here

His appointment comes as Datactics has now grown to nearly 60, securing international clients in New York and Amsterdam during the past 12 months, alongside a £2m investment round secured in April 2021. 
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