What is Data Integration?

Data integration is the process of connecting various data sets into one consolidated view, often in a data warehouse or cloud solution.

Almost every organisation can benefit from data integration as part of their data management efforts. Most businesses will use multiple systems and applications to support their operations, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRMs), however data quality issues can occur when information is held in disparate sources. Organisations are increasingly looking to reduce data silos, as vital information can end up being lost or valuable insights overlooked when they’re locked away in various departments or legacy systems.

Through data integration, organisations can improve interoperability and data sharing across departments – a key process for industries such as government and policing, where secure data access helps better decision making and intelligence. Increasingly data integration is seen as fundamental to successful strategic digital transformation programs.

How Datactics Helps: 

Nobody wants to have to rip out an entire technology stack just to accommodate a new data management programme. API connectivityinteroperability and an agile development strategy are three things that sit nicely in the trait of compatability. With the Datactics Self-Service Data Quality platform, data integration is made easy. 

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