Government & Policing Data Quality & Matching

Automate matching, classification and fixing of crime, citizen and asset data.

Leverage our award-winning data quality tooling designed with people, entity and asset data automation in mind. Benefit from our work in automated classification of free text to maximise the accuracy of your reporting.

It’s time to see your data as an asset, not a liability.

deploy pre-built rules & logic

Specialist data quality measurement and ADR asssignment built-in based on policing crime record and POLE data types.

integrations with multiple record management systems

We have pre-built, off-the-shelf connections into records management systems including Niche RMS, Mark43 and many more, making data submissions simple.

integrate with any data store

In-built connectivity to multiple data systems of record and stores. Measure the health of data across silos, generate a genuine Single Citizen View, and track improvements in data quality to gain control over your data assets.

automate, schedule and monitor workflows

Native data automation and scheduling through the platform cuts out costly and time-consuming manual effort. Remediation of data is trackable with full audit trail.

Our clients say

Large-scale data matching on millions of medical products

"Using the Datactics system we are able to provide faster quotations for prospective customers based on their information and identify additional related product lines that are also available. We are constantly looking at how we can improve our efficiency for the benefit of NHS Trusts. Datactics' software provides a twenty-fold accurate throughput on product catalogue matching and help us deliver high quality service to our customers."
Pricing marketing manager
NHS Supply Chain

Fuzzy-matching people data across systems and silos

"If we don’t have a way of talking to each other when we need to get information about vulnerable people in the community quickly, that becomes problematic. The platform gives them the kind of information they need to be able to respond immediately."
chief data officer
Surrey County Council (Partnership with Kainos)

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Frequently asked questions

The software comes with pre-built rules for IFRS 9, BCBS 239, FSCS, AnaCredit and more. Definitions of ISINs, CUSIPs and other common data elements are likewise pre-shipped saving hundreds of hours of deployment time. 

Yes, this is very simple with our RegMetrics methodology and Self-Service Data Quality platform. The three components have been designed with non-technical end-users in mind, to deliver the data programmes that business users need and reduce pressure on internal IT teams.

Native connectivity to reporting tools such as Wolters Kluwer and Moody’s Analytics ships with the software via an open, documented API. Reports directly for regulators can be generated through integration with off-the-shelf dashboarding tools such as PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau.

That’s entirely up to you, however our tooling has been designed to be non-disruptive, eliminating costly rip-and-replace of infrastructure, so you can deliver a Datactics data quality programme at any stage of the data governance journey. We’re ready to start whenever you are!

We welcome the opportunity to engage in a short-term, paid proof of value (POV) to demonstrate how quickly you can be up and running with a fully-fledged Datactics solution for your regulatory compliance needs. Drop us a line and we will show you how.

It's easy to engage us on a low-risk, cost-effective Proof of Value:

Pre-planning & Preparation

Go way beyond a simple "Proof of Concept."

We work with you to define the scope, timeframe and budget. We're flexible about how you want to achieve your aims and have many satisfied blue-chip clients who can speak for our capabilities.​

Full deployment on a subset of data

Work with a flexible partner

Specifying a subset, or system, is a rapid way of communicating the criticality of data to your organisation. You'll get a fully-deployable version of our software to demonstrate the value to your business.​

Results in just 6 weeks

Measure & fix in production

We can give you full 'Chief Data Officer' dashboards, the capability to fix your broken data and an end-to-end workflow with automation built-in - in as little as six weeks.​

Win the case for data quality

See data as an asset

We know that frustration with poor data can seem like a never-ending problem. Our self-service data quality platform delivers measurable, trackable improvement in underlying data quality to more than justify the investment you make.

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