It's time to see your data as an asset, not a liability.

Achieve regulatory compliance with high-quality data built on automated data processes and explainable AI.

Invest in your business with confidence, knowing your data is accurate and up-to-date.

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Move beyond compliance to drive value for your business.

Augmented Data Quality empowers business users and data teams in financial firms to save time through a rich library of pre-built rules designed around financial services data. 

The solution provides deep insights into data health, clear dashboards to secure buy-in from senior leaders, and data remediation with full audit trail to aid risk and compliance management.

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deploy pre-built rules & logic

Featuring rules for BCBS 239, FSCS, AnaCredit, IFRS 9 and more in a highly-customisable front-end for rapid deployment in financial services.

visualise & fix your data

Native Data Quality Clinic application empowers those who know the data to fix the data through integrations with off-the-shelf visualisation dashboarding software.

powerful data matching

Map instruments, people and entities at scale to streamline KYC and onboarding. Consolidate & enhance reference data from multiple sources including Companies House, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Dun & Bradstreet.

integrate with any data store

In-built connectivity to data lakes, silos and cloud sources, including Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Databricks, Snowflake and AWS.

automate, schedule and monitor workflows

Power automations enable rapid access to data systems and stores. Monitor AI algorithms and detail decisions reached with full in-built explainability.

measure to industry standards

Configurable data quality metrics enable compliance with industry leading standards such as DCAM from the Enterprise Data Management Council.

Our clients say

"With Datactics we have a data quality technology that both significantly enhances our customer-marketing function and provides a platform for progressing the information quality agenda for future strategic projects."
Retail Bank, UK
“The Datactics solution is an order of magnitude better than Python code. It is quick and effective in producing high quality data for the credit risk model, we can see the audit trail all the time, and we can generate high predictive accuracy scores."
Chief executive officer
Market Data Analytics Company
"The platform's usability means our SMEs can now develop data quality rules themselves – extending the functionality to multiple regulatory requirements and broader data quality and governance applications – and automatically generate meaningful interactive reports in Tableau, our house reporting tool."
Retail Bank, UK
"With today’s capabilities and the expertise they had available for the project, they easily turned around initial results and sample applications in as little as a week."
Chief data officer
Tier 1 Investment Bank

Frequently asked questions

The software comes with pre-built rules for IFRS 9, BCBS 239, FSCS, AnaCredit and more for financial services. Definitions of ISINs, CUSIPs and other common data elements are likewise pre-shipped saving hundreds of hours of deployment time. 

Yes, this is very simple with our RegMetrics methodology and Self-Service Data Quality platform. The three components have been designed with non-technical end-users in mind, to deliver the data programmes that business users need and reduce pressure on internal IT teams.

Native connectivity to reporting tools such as Wolters Kluwer and Moody’s Analytics ships with the software via an open, documented API. Reports directly for regulators can be generated through integration with off-the-shelf dashboarding tools such as PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau.

That’s entirely up to you, however our tooling has been designed to be non-disruptive, eliminating costly rip-and-replace of infrastructure, so you can deliver a Datactics data quality programme at any stage of the data governance journey. We’re ready to start whenever you are!

We welcome the opportunity to engage in a short-term, proof of concept to demonstrate how quickly you can be up and running with a fully-fledged Datactics solution. Simply contact us to find out more.

We make it easy to work together on your data management journey

Our data engineers, developers and data scientists work at the cutting edge of data management technology to save you precious time and accelerate your data initiatives. Most of our customers choose to start with a Proof of Concept, rapidly demonstrating the value of better data in a  real-world use of Datactics technology.

Proof of concept: a fast way to get results

Work Together On Your Data Management Journey

1. Get started

We work with you to define the scope, timeframe and budget. We’re flexible about how you want to achieve your aims and have many satisfied blue-chip clients who can speak for our capabilities. We work with all your stakeholders to help get up and running as soon as you’re ready.

Deploy Data Quality

2. Move quickly

Specifying a subset, or system, is a rapid way of communicating the criticality of data to your organisation. You’ll get a fully-deployable version of our software to demonstrate the value to your business. We’ve a proven track record of working in tight timeframes to get you up and running quickly.

Deliver Data Quality

3. Demonstrate value

We know that frustration with poor data can seem like a never-ending problem. Our Augmented Data Quality solution delivers measurable, trackable improvement in underlying data quality in metrics that matter to you: reduced costs, reduced risk and increased profitability.

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To speak to us about your next step on your data management journey, please get in touch.

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