A wellness week take-over at Datactics!

The heart of Datactics revolves around our people

This week at Datactics was Wellness Week, a week we set aside in our calendars to engage in wellness-based activities.

 We believe in the importance of taking care of your wellbeing at Datactics, and we understand that the past year has been extremely difficult and challenging due to COVID-19. At Datactics, the heart of the organisation revolves around the talented individuals we are delighted to call our team. We thought now, more than ever, would be a good time to dedicate some sessions away from work to invest in our amazing, resilient, and loyal people.  

The importance of emotional intelligence

The week kicked off with a session driven by Executive Coach, Ricky Drain – who is a firm friend of the company. His session explored the importance of emotional intelligence, the emotions of change, the phases of transition, and of course, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This session was underpinned by breakout groups, which allowed people in the company to engage with others working across different departments. Furthering this, the Monday session was concluded by Dr Noreen Tehrani, who unpacked the psychological impact of wellbeing in uncertain times. Her session focused on how to avoid burnout, the importance of monitoring what news and information we consume, and of managing our workload to ensure we have a separation between work and relaxation.  

Take time to relax!

Desk Yoga and Strava activities

On Wednesday, our Wellness Week activities continued with an hour being set aside for all employees to engage in an activity which relaxes them. We wanted to put into practice what we had been taught on Monday, gaining the balance between work and relaxation. We offered Desk Yoga to the team, hosted by the wonderful Sandra Daly. This activity was well attended, with 10+ team members participating. If, however, desk yoga wasn’t their thing we encouraged the team to spend the hour doing their own activities – some of the team had some impressive Strava action!  

Desk Yoga, running, walking, and more!
Strava action! Go team!

A word from Stuart Harvey

To conclude the week, we had our final interactive session with Ricky Drain. This session meant that while the past number of months have felt very out of control for many of us, we could have a moment to focus on ‘taking back control’ of important areas of our work and life. Ricky delved into topics such as resilience, finding a purpose, recognising your values and beliefs, and prioritising your wellness. Through various breakout sessions, we were able to unpack our goals, openly share about our wellness journeys, and focus on development moving forward. The session came to close after a few words from our CEO, Stuart Harvey. This element of the session was brilliant, as Stuart opened up about the resilience and growth that the company has experienced in the last 12 months, but congratulated the team for their loyalty, dedication and hard work that has certainly not been unnoticed.  

Treat yourself to a takeaway

As a final treat to our team, we want to offer them each a free takeaway of their choice, on the company. We hope this takeaway will allow each and every team member to take a night off cooking, spend time with their loved ones, and truly relax. 

We hope each and every member of our team enjoys a takeaway on us!

Thanks to our amazing HR Team for organising wellness week!

This Wellness Week was brought together by the fantastic HR Team, namely Elspeth Flenley and Laura Ellis. We want to thank them for bringing the vision to host a wellness week to life – for all the hard work that went on behind the scenes and the organisation that brought each speaker to the week.   

We had a brilliant week! To wrap up this round-up, we wanted to leave this thought with you: 

Great ideas … come into the world as gently as doves … if we listen attentively, we shall hear, amid the uproar … a faint flutter of wings, the gentle stirring of life and hope. – Albert Camus 

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