Unlocking Data Quality and Value to Power Innovation & Insight

At last week’s Virtual Data Management Summit, the A-Team’s CEO Angela Wilbraham sat down for a Q&A on all things data quality and unlocking data value with our Head of Sales Kieran Seaward.

Topics covered in this interview are:

– The biggest issues in data management right now (0:31)

– Why data quality is such a significant issue in the current climate (3:00)

– The impact of AI on the landscape of data quality, especially in AML & KYC (5:13)

– Being optimistic on the outlook for 2020 (8:25)

The Data Management Summit explores how financial institutions are shifting from defensive to offensive data management strategies, to improve operational efficiency and revenue-enhancing opportunities. 

Putting the business lens on data and deep-diving into the data management capabilities needed to deliver on business outcomes.

Topics include: 

  • Shifting from defensive to offensive – aligning data with business strategy for revenue optimisation and operational efficiency
  • Establishing trust – Embedding data ethics into your data strategy
  • How to turn data lineage from a regulatory response into a business advantage
  • Reviewing the regulatory landscape  and future of regulatory reporting in Europe
  • Migrating to the cloud to create new capabilities for the business
  • The promise and potential of AI
  • Unlocking Data Value
  • Client onboarding – how developments in tech and automation can help optimise entity data management and improve KYC
  • DataOps methodology – why its the next big thing and significant for financial services”

A natural communicator, Kieran Seaward has over 15 years’ experience in technical sales, including at First Derivatives, across a wide range of ERP, data and automation solutions. Kieran is rightly known for forming strong and lasting customer relationships. He began his career by undertaking a BSc (Hons) degree in Technology and Design from Ulster University. 

Having won numerous awards in his sales role in jewellery, it didn’t take long for Kieran to realise he had a skill for sales – as he grew in his expertise and his patter, he ended up in Datactics. One of the most exciting things about his role is that there is a huge amount of enlightenment brought to clients. He enjoys working towards solving a real issue and offering the client a solution that will transform the way they view data. 

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Kieran Seaward, Sales

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