Two new apprentices have joined our team and we are gearing up for FinTech Festival! – Datactics weekly round-up

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Welcoming our two new apprentices

We kicked off the week by announcing the exciting news that two new apprentices from the Belfast Met have joined our DevOps team. The firm has now grown by 25% since March 2020 and approaching 130% over the past two years, in response to rapidly growing customer demand. 

The new recruits, Natalia Walsh and Victoria Wallace, will balance their four days a week at Datactics with one day spent studying for the Level 3 “Networking Infrastructure with Cyber Security” course at Belfast Met

If you want to read more about the new apprentices joining, check out our press release here. 

We want to take the opportunity again to welcome them both to our team! 

two new apprentices, devops team, datactics belfast met

Awards and Events at Datactics! 

As the week continued, we unpacked the various awards we have achieved such as the Women in Diversity Award and the Investors in People accreditation. Highlighting these awards allowed us to express our progressive vision to further embed diversity within the team and invest in our people accordingly in a diverse and inclusive manner. 

We also released three look-back blogs which reflected on three recent notable speaking engagements for the company.  

The first of which was Fiona Browne’s contribution to FinTech Finance. The interview covered the extent of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) fines currently faced by banks over the last number of years and began to unpack what we do at Datactics in relation to this topic. 

In the blog we looked in detail into the following key questions that were put to Fiona in the FinTech Finance session:  

  • How can banks arm themselves against increasing regulatory and technological complexity? 
  • Where does Datactics fit in to the AML arena? 
  • Why should banks look to partner, rather than building it in house?  

Dr Fiona Browne speaking at FinTech Finance: Virtual Arena, the year of the aml crisis, fines, regulation, banking

Data will power the next phase of our economy

We then reflected on Kieran Seaward’s DMS Virtual Keynote, ‘A Data Driven Restart’, unpacking the key themes and questions regarding the challenges presented by COVID-19, including a wide range of changes to the way business can be conducted.  

At Datactics we have been really encouraged that engagement with the market is still strong; since March, and the start of many lockdowns, we’ve conducted many hundreds of calls and meetings with clients and prospects to discuss their data management and business plans. The blog is based on our key findings from these calls and reflects the priorities many data-driven firms have. 

The key questions addressed in the blog are as follows: 

What is the importance of a foundation of good data quality? 

What comes first? Data Governance or Data Quality? 

Is it necessary to get data quality under control?

Data will power the next phase of our economy, data management summit usa vitual, Kieran Seaward, head of sales, a data driven restart.

We then rounded off the week by looking back to Stuart Harvey’s contribution to the Belfast International Homecoming 2020. The panel itself was chaired by Jayne Brady, Digital Innovation Commissioner and aimed to discuss the question: Can Belfast’s Technology Companies Lead an Inclusive Recovery?   

The key themes that were delved into by Stuart and the panellists included: 

  • The vast changes in the way organisations are approaching work 
  • Diversity being key to the development of technology
  • The vitality of not simply the ‘right’ education but education 

Belfast International Homecoming 2020, Can Belfast's companies lead an inclusive recovery? We are Belfast

FinTech Festival is coming soon! 

In other news, Matt Flenley and Jordan Wray are looking forward to the upcoming Singapore FinTech Festival as guests of Invest NI. This week there was a late-night networking event on Wednesday which made for some great virtual chats and introductions. It has got us ready for the FinTech Festival which is coming up soon! 

Have a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up 

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