Author name: Luca Rovesti

Luca is a Data Quality & financial regulation specialist, with a strong track record of delivery in BCBS239, IFRS 9 and MiFID II projects. He is fluent in data manipulation techniques and oversees delivery of projects on-premise and in-cloud. Luca has a passion for data, he has always enjoyed the fact that ‘data is raw material for insights. Luca enjoys the fact that regardless of what industry you are working within data is data. Luca’s academic background began when he embarked on a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Upon completing this he began a Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance. Luca also has experience within the Skin Care industry as this was a family business, he was able to gain extensive experience within sales prior to becoming a Data Engineer. Luca now holds the position of Head of Product at Datactics.

Data Quality Management – Gain The Competitive Edge

Managing data assets has become a way to gain competitive advantage for businesses and is a keen focus area for regulatory bodies around the globe. With the emergence of data standards and a plethora of technology businesses, the data management landscape has never been so competitive.  The following blog will look at how to maximise …

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Who are you really doing business with?

Entity Match Engine for Customer Onboarding. Challenges and facts from EU banking implementations.  Customer onboarding is one of the most critical entry points of new data for a bank’s counterparty information. References and interactions with internal systems, externally sourced information, KYC processes, regulatory reporting and risk aggregation are all impacted by the quality of information …

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