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Is Your Data Prepared
For AI?

Register for our second exclusive Webinar on Data Quality, Privacy, and Governance with BigID, this time focusing on Achieving Data Trust & Security in the AI Era.

Join this webinar to learn:

The implications for data security and protection

Explore what trust in data really means, and the current state we're in when it comes to legacy storage, silos and systems in a drive for digitisation.

Practical steps for data people to take in how to be thinking about their data in the era of AI

The rapid expansion of AI technologies has led to new questions being asked, new rules being set, and massive new expectations about what can be achieved. Where to start? This webinar!

How to set and deliver the agenda as a new Chief AI Officer

Wondering what the first 90 days should look like? Wonder no more, with expert advice from two leaders in the field.

Data quality, especially in how unstructured data is used to prepare AI models

Data quality sits at every stage of a data process, yet so often it can feel like an unsolvable problem. Bring that solution closer to hand with insight from Peggy Tsai and Fiona Browne.

Meet The Speakers

Preparing Your Data for AI with Fiona Browne CTO at Datactics

Fiona Browne

Fiona brings over 18 years of research and industry experience and specializes in the pragmatic use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Preparing Your Data for AI with Peggy BigID

Peggy Tsai

Peggy has over 18 years of practitioner experience in data management, stewardship and governance across firms including Morgan Stanley, AIG and S&P Global.

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