The Open University talk: Business Ethics | 17/02

Business Ethics

Matt Flenley, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Datactics will be speaking this week at The Open University, delivering a talk on Business Ethics.

The talk is going to cover four things:

  1. The impact of unintended and cultural bias in machine learning 
  2. What to do if your business loses or has no soul
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility – Looking after people when the world is upside down
  4. The benefits and pitfalls of big corporate machines and rapid growth start-ups when it comes to doing charitable work and being a force for good. 

You can also read Matt’s blogs here such as a piece on AI Ethics he has written about or find out about our people here, explore our open vacancies. If you’re curious about working at Datactics please drop Matt a line on LinkedIn for a chat. 

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